Smell The Raindrops

Mindful Ecotherapy with Julia Lay

Smell The Raindrops

Tube, Work, Sleep. Rinse. Repeat. The Hamster Wheel Doesn’t Stop… But You Can.


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The alarm on your phone pierces into your sleep.  You’ve chosen the most gentle melody you can find, but it sounds like brutal techno at 7am on a Tuesday morning.  Can it really be morning already?  Why am I still so tired?

You force yourself to sit up, put your feet on the floor.  Check time – doing OK so far.  You climb in the shower and start washing – “What am I going to wear today?  What do I need to do before I leave?  What have I got on at work today?”  Racing thoughts and frantic doing start to replace the sluggish despair.

After your shower you follow a tightly-scheduled sequence of preparations for the day.  Time check – “Eek!  Is that the time already?”  You still need to sort your hair and get your things together but you need to leave NOW.  OK, hair can be sorted at work.  You frantically get your things together – where’s your phone?  You walk around your flat in circles several times and then remember you need to put the rubbish out too.  Find the phone, get coat and shoes on, leave, remember the rubbish, come back, take rubbish out, only 10 minutes late, ahem.  Let’s hope I’m lucky with the tube connections…

Any of this sound familiar?


The price of the treadmill

If these kinds of patterns continue throughout the day… week… month… year…, they lead to stress, fatigue and burnout.  Maybe you know people who have suffered the consequences.

But there is another way.

One Friday a few years ago, I was feeling thoroughly frazzled, down and disconnected.  Not quite burnout – I had only been feeling this way for a few days – but I desperately felt the need for a change of scene, a breath of fresh air.  I searched on the internet for country walks within easy distance of London, and found one that sounded good, featuring forests, fields and streams.  I set off the following morning, feeling as grumpy and dispirited as ever, and started the walk in silence with my patient boyfriend.  After an hour of beautiful views, fresh country air and tramping through leaves, my spirits had lifted somewhat and I was starting to laugh at Michael’s jokes (instead of giving him cold glares).  We walked for three hours, stopping for lunch in a country pub, and I returned home refreshed, invigorated and much more at peace.

Getting out into the countryside is a great way to blow out the cobwebs and find some space from urban life, but it’s not always realistic to do every week.


What if you could get that feeling from 1 hour of mindfulness in nature in your local park?

“I knew in my head that Julia’s ecotherapy walk would be beneficial to me and that I’d enjoy it. But I didn’t know that actually participating in them would have such a big and immediate impact!

Walking on the grass, feeling the wind against my cheeks and the leaves with my fingertips, hearing the birds, my breath and the cars, immediately took me ‘out of my head’. The earth and its elements took over and took away the thoughts and worries on my mind and this created so much space and calm within. A feeling of joy arose! Mindfully connecting with nature is the best medicine to compensate city – and office life. Julia has made it so accessible and fun for you to do, by offering her ecotherapy sessions in London’s parks! Julia had a sparkling and natural way of guiding us through the hour. She knows when to speak and when not to, so that you feel seen as an individual, connected as a group and there’s plenty of space for the experience in nature itself.” – Annet de Vries, Creative Entrepreneur, walk participant

Mindfulness in Nature

Click here to find out more about the walks.  We also run retreats.  Perhaps you’d like some ecotherapy at your event, or would like a tailored ecotherapy event?  Please contact us to discuss options.  Prices vary according to the nature of the event and in some circumstances there may be no cost at all.