Smell The Raindrops

Mindful Ecotherapy with Julia Lay

Smell The Raindrops

Weekend Nature Retreat

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“Please can I get off the ride?!”

Maybe some big stuff has happened in your life recently and you need some space to process it.  Maybe you’re at a crossroads and don’t know which path to take.  Maybe you’re stressed or been working too hard and need a break.  Perhaps you dream of getting away to the countryside for a weekend but have no one to go with and can’t afford a fancy spa.  Or maybe you just fancy a weekend away from it all on a beautiful eco farm!

Whatever the case, if your body or soul tells you you need a break, it’s important to listen.  I recently heard that, according to the Old Testament scriptures, the Sabbath is non-optional, i.e. if you don’t observe it (rest one day each week), you will pay the time somehow – potentially in a hospital or psychiatric care.  I’m not religious, but that makes a lot of sense to me.

The Retreat

Picture a weekend immersed in the glorious Devon countryside, with a small supportive group of people, nurturing your soul by getting away from everyday life and reconnecting with what’s important.

We will camp on the beautiful Whippletree farm, 9 miles from Exeter.  We will bond as a group and support each other through a weekend of connecting to nature and ourselves, connecting to inner wisdom, leaving you refreshed and clearer on what’s important in your life.

The Ingredients

Beautiful surroundings – tick!

Mindfulness in Nature – We will do a number of mindfulness and ecotherapy exercises to help us connect with the wonderful nature around us, and by doing this connect to a deeper place in our souls: a place of wisdom, peace and connection that will help us to gain clarity on our lives.

Safe space – In order to connect in this way, we need to feel safe.  Julia and Astrid are expert in creating a safe space for people to explore difficult issues from having run countless group programmes in various mental health and wellbeing settings.  They will lead you through a gentle process as a group to help you to bond and trust each other.  When this place of safety is created, it also becomes a forum in which burdens can be shared and deep truths explored, often in a more powerful way than in a 1:1 setting.

Good, simple food – featuring lots of fresh produce from the farm, grown with no nasty chemicals and farmed in a way that works with and mimics nature, encouraging wildlife and building vitality in the soil and landscape.

Free time – to go on beautiful walks, have time to yourself, or get more involved with the farm.

Fabulous facilitators – Read about Julia here.  Julia is a warm, friendly and experienced practitioner.  Between her and the magnificent folk at Whippletree Farm, they will ensure that everything is taken care of so that you can relax and enjoy the retreat.  She will also be on hand for 1:1 chats if you want to discuss something privately.

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