Smell The Raindrops

Mindful Ecotherapy with Julia Lay

Smell The Raindrops


Really, all weathers?!

Yes!  The mind likes to categorise things (such as weather) into ‘good’ and ‘bad’, but the walks are about surrendering to whatever nature has in store for us that day.  So-called ‘adverse’ weather gives us a great opportunity to practise acceptance of what IS, to practise not resisting the present moment, and also to appreciate nature in all its glory – the feeling of raindrops on the skin can be extremely invigorating!

What should I wear?

Wear a little more than you normally would for a walk in the park, because we will be moving at a much slower pace and you will cool down.  If rain is forecast, you’ll need full waterproofs (e.g. waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers).  We will walk on grass, so wear appropriate footwear (in autumn and winter, and after rain, it will be muddy!).

Can I bring children?

The general walks are tailored to adults and likely to be boring for children.  There are some family-friendly walks in the pipeline though – email me to find out when the next one will be.

Can I bring my dog?

The walks involve walking very slowly, and some standing exercises with our eyes shut.  If you think your dog will be OK with this, and your experience won’t be interrupted by needing to check on or manage your dog, please get in touch and we can discuss in more detail.

Will there be dogs on the walk?

If any dogs are coming, the walk will be clearly marked as “dog-friendly” in the Next Walks section on the right of the page.  However, we will be in a public park and do sometimes pass dogs.

Will I get some exercise?

No.  We will be walking very slowly and stopping frequently.  However, you may like to combine the walk with exercising in the park before or after.  If you do this, please remember to bring extra layers for the walk!