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Mindful Ecotherapy with Julia Lay

Smell The Raindrops

Crunchy forest

What a lovely time we had in the woods!

This weekend, I ran two ecotherapy workshops at the ‘innocent un-plugged’ mini-festival in Kent, in collaboration with Creative Yoga London – maybe you were there.  With the festival being all about turning off your phone and getting back to nature, it was a really good fit for the workshops and it was wonderful to see how popular the Sunday workshop was (over 60 people came!).

On these occasions, I’m often surprised by two things:

a) How good it feels to breathe in country air and to sit and lie on unspoilt earth.

b) How immensely, immeasurably better it feels when you dedicate some uninterrupted time to connecting wholeheartedly to nature through your senses, gently coming back again and again to your sense perceptions every time your mind wanders.

And the beauty of Smell The Raindrops is that, if you live in London, you don’t even need to get out to the countryside to get that beautiful, peaceful, nature immersion feeling.

The next workshop is this coming Sunday (5th June) at 11am in Primrose Hill.  All info is here.

To your freedom,

Founder of Smell The Raindrops