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All change please

Wow, these really are times of change, aren’t they?! Will the UK actually leave the EU? If so, what will that even look like? And what on earth is going on with the Labour party??!

Of course, in nature, change is the one constant. That and the source of life behind it all. Have you been enjoying the lushness of early summer, when everything was growing and bursting with life? I love the in-your-face aliveness of that period. It feels to me like we have now shifted to midsummer, where there’s still a lot of blooming and abundance, but at a steadier pace, and death is making more of an appearance. Plus, we are getting some spells of sunshine that light up the summer beauty like a holiday postcard. Alongside lots of refreshing rain to keep everything fresh and green!

Change is in the air for me too, with strange parallels to the fate of my country: I took part in an event recently that changed everything, there’s no turning back, and there is complete uncertainty as to how the change will manifest, with many different possibilities. Sound familiar?!

As you may imagine, that makes it hard to say what’s in store for Smell The Raindrops after the summer break. The last two ecotherapy sessions before the summer break are this Sunday 3rd July in Regent’s Park, and Sunday 17th July in Primrose Hill. Both sessions start at 11am and last an hour. Simply email to book a place, or go to the website for more details. If you’ve been meaning to come to a session, it may be wise to come now, before things change…

Leafy wishes,

Founder of Smell The Raindrops

P.S. If you’re interested, the life-changing event I took part in was this.  The men’s version is this.